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If you have ever felt overwhelmed watching all the different training methods out there, then this webinar is for YOU!

This webinar is for you if...

✓ You want a well-rounded education, but get frustrated because one teacher says the other teacher is wrong.

✓ You want to know how to pick a training system that’s right for you.

✓ You want to understand when you should stick with one method, and when it’s a good idea to look for more ideas.

✓ You feel like your partnership training is in conflict with your dressage training.

✓ You want to explore a wide range of exercises with your horse, without getting confused.

✓ You bounced from one clinic to another and still aren’t making progress


Hosted by: Karen Rohlf

"As a trainer of dressage AND horsemanship for students of all different levels and disciplines, my specialty is making sense of all the information ‘out there’ and helping you understand how to know what’s right for YOU."

This Training is available FREE for a limited time!

Let me help you be more confident in taking charge of your progress!