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For The Love Of The Horse...
Transform Your Business

Create a fulfilling, sustainable, and profitable life you can LOVE in the horse business!

A Mastermind & Mentorship program with Karen Rohlf

Mastermind Registration will open February 18.
If interested we strongly recommend attending the
2-Day Virtual Seminar Feb. 16-17, 2021

Get your ticket here:

Early Bird Ticket $297

or, learn more about the event here:


Imagine working together with Karen on every aspect of YOUR professional life with horses, while getting additional support from like-minded peers from all over the world.


Let's work together to brainstorm about how to be more successful & happy!

This is open to trainers and instructors who are full time, part time, or just starting out. This is also for you if you do any service for equestrians (for example: saddle fitter, body-worker, veterinarian).

I'd love to help you take a fresh look at what's possible! You don't have to do things the way everyone else has done it!

Karen Rohlf coaching a group


This is for you if:

You love your work, and are ready to have it create the income you need. 

You want to get out there and find the students you love to teach, and who value what you offer.

You are ready to give and get more support in a safe, productive, non-competitive environment

You keep telling yourself you 'should do something' but you haven't actually done anything!

You are ready NOW to make a big transformation in your life & business!


You've tried going it alone. Now it's time to get the support you crave. 

Learn how to work ON your horse business from someone who works IN the horse business!

Topics Covered:

Karen will do in-depth trainings and open Q & A that will address the following topics: 

  1. Mindset & Confidence

  2. Time Management

  3. Knowing your unique genius

  4. Attracting ideal clients

  5. Leveraging your business & time

  6. Lesson Packages

  7. Pricing

  8. Student/Teacher roles

  9. Creating raving-fan students

  10. Empowered teaching methods

  11. How to create your unique system

  12. How to create an Ultimate Progress Plan

  13. How to get yourself 'out there'

  14. Marketing

  15. Messaging




TYB Testimonials


How it works:

The Mastermind is set up to maximize your potential. You'll learn ways to improve your business and get support and help from your peers.

In the Foundation Level you get: 

  • 6 in depth monthly training calls

  • 6 monthly Q+A calls

  • Virtual 3 day retreat

  • Transform Your Business Virtual Training Event 

  • Closed Facebook Group

  • Recordings of all the calls

  • Worksheets

  • Jumpstart your Productivity program *


* Jumpstart Your Productivity is a series of Time Management Trainings.



Learn about your horse business from someone actually IN the horse business.

"When the most heart-centered professionals THRIVE,
the world is a better place for horses.” ~Karen

Your Teacher

Karen Rohlf, author and creator of Dressage Naturally, is an internationally recognized clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm and translating it into a successful global business. Karen teaches students from around the world in her virtual programs and mentors professionals in the horse industry through her For The Love Of The Horse: Transform Your Business Seminar and Mastermind/Mentorship programs.



Karen Natilla YAY

Karen's For The Love Of The Horse: Transform Your Business Mastermind/Mentorship program has helped professionals like you increase their income and fulfillment in the horse industry while bringing more value to their clients

What students are saying:


"Thanks to this Mastermind, I understand the concept of content marketing. I have many tools now that I never knew existed. There is a community out there experiencing the same doubts and hurdles as you do. Masterminding is very powerful!"


"I make more money in a shorter amount of time, and clients are getting help and building comaradarie amoung themselves. I now take days off and don't feel guilty not checking my phone every minute to make an appointment or help someone. I am finding my creative side again."


"I have more clarity. This has given me an increased confidence. I know what I want my business to look and feel like. I am clearer with what I do and don't do. I feel more positive and proud about what I offer. I feel it gives my clients confidence in what they can expect from their relationship with me and their horses."


"In the past year since working with Karen I've doubled my income and cut my hours in half!"

“Mastermind Principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.” 

Napoleon Hill

Karen Rohlf Indoor Skydiving


Are you ready to fly?


It's time to lean into support so you can really FLY. Participants in the mastermind program get a special indoor skydive adventure during our retreat 


Are you thinking: "There's no way I have time to do this?"

I get it.

That's why I have teamed up with Time Management Expert, Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking. The Karen Rohlf Mastermind and Mentorship program includes Dr. Sarah's Jumpstart Your Productivity program. 

Jumpstart Your Productivity This is a proven program designed to help you make immediate changes so that you can get more done, create daily and weekly routines that work for you, and learn how to set up and follow a weekly planning process. 

Dr. Sarah is a coach, speaker, and clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience helping people create and achieve their goals. Her specialty is empowering professionals to get a grip on time and get to the next level in their lives and business. 

You get 4 additional trainings, 3 live Q & A's and a bonus ticket to a live 3 day training with Dr. Sarah... All created specifically to help you make time work for you!


“You can love your life, your business, and your students. The tools and strategies I will share with you took me a lifetime to learn. You don’t have to wait that long, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own… We know you love what you do, but that doesn't mean you have to let it burn you out.” ~Karen

Are you ready to INVEST IN YOURSELF and your business in order to make a huge change? Are you willing to be part of a SUPPORTIVE community of like minded people? Is NOW the right time to make the changes you want to make in your business and life?

All the details:

Foundation Level Includes:

  • 6 monthly training calls with Karen

  • 6 monthly Q+A calls

  • Recordings of all the calls  

  • Worksheets, exercises 

  • Collaboration with peers 

  • Virtual 3 day Retreat

  • Virtual 2 day Training Event 

  • Closed Facebook Group   

  • Jumpstart your Productivity (Time Management) 

  • Guest Experts




Email Karen at KRMM@karenrohlf.com