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There are different reasons for horses to be low energy:

Born that way


Learned to be economical




In this 11 minute video you'll learn
The 3 Questions For Low Energy Horses:

1.) Where’s the end point?
If horses think they are going to go forever, they would be smart to save their energy! Let them know that there are resting points, and they can trust you won’t over-work them.

2.) Can you express your intention without tension?
Don’t wait until you are mad or frustrated to get effective and clear. Also, make sure you clear any fear you may have. You can’t expect him to put in energy, if you are afraid of his energy!

3.) Why should he?
What would make him happy to put in effort? Strive to find what is fun for your horse, and what will be the best reward for him.

"Energy is the willingness to apply effort. It’s not about speed or scaring the horse into action... It’s about having an openness to suggestion.

When it comes to low energy horses, it’s up to us to create a situation where the horse agrees to put effort in. Not just because ‘we said so’ but because we used psychology and the horse’s natural motivators to inspire him."

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I have three must-see videos that perfectly complement the video above. They follow one horse and rider through a process of creating and sustaining Energy. You will be inspired by them, and will be given what you need to do the same exercise at home:

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Video 3

November 2012

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