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Your Results:

Your Results:

Is your horse a Happy Athlete?

You’ve got some good skills and you and your horse are moving well together… but something is still missing! You are good at your techniques, and your horse is likely a ‘good boy’ (or girl) but likely you get the feeling that this could be a lot more fun (for each of you).


This is quite common. I meet many riders who are quite skilled and educated, with even highly trained horses who are miserable. This is actually close to how I would have described me with the Grand Prix horse I first did natural horsemanship with.

The good news is this is changeable. The great news is that with improvements in the happiness and harmony department all the things that you thought were good will get even better!

When I started going deep into creating a happier partnership with my Grand Prix horse everything changed. Truly my whole life changed - and my horse transformed from shut-down to keen and playful.

My Best Advice:
Start looking at all the little moments of your horse’s life and asking yourself how you could make them better. Discover what your horse likes and doesn’t like, and do more of what he likes. Look at every interaction you have and see how you can give him more of a voice and more of a choice.

Also do some self-reflection. How can you show up as your best self for your horse?

It will be helpful for you to immerse yourself in a supportive community that honors the happiness of horses. Join our Dressage Naturally Land Facebook Group.


The DN resource that would be best for diving deep into the partnership is the step-by-step Habits For Excellent Horsemanship course. It is exactly what you need, you have lifetime access to it, and includes live Q&A calls 4 times a year... on-going!

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