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Your Results:

Your Results:

Is your horse a Happy Athlete?

Looks like things aren’t too bad, but on the other hand, they could be so much better.
The good news is that happiness, harmony, and communication are ‘OK’. The problem is, if you want to improve how your horse moves you are going to want to get those foundational pieces even better.


I meet many students like you. You are so close to being able to really improve. What I often see, however, is because "things aren’t too bad" it’s easy to stay the same… But after years go by you may start to wonder why you haven’t reached the goals you once dreamed of achieving.

It’s time to get re-inspired!

My Best Advice:
Set some new goals! Dream a little about exactly how you want your horse to feel, what you want your relationship to be like, and what you’d like to do together. You might be surprised at how some small changes can lead to some pretty impressive improvements.

When you improve how your horse moves he will experience more happiness and harmony in your relationship. A happy horse often carries himself better and it’s easier to improve his way of moving. I am confident you can make the improvements you want to make, you just need some new ideas and perhaps a boost of motivation.


The Video Classroom has educational and inspirational training videos on everything you need, from partnership and more basic communication, to improving movement and gymnastic development, all with one consistent voice guiding you through.

Then keep an eye out for our Finding The Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics course. It only opens in March and September. Ultimately, I think that will give you the support you really need. HINT: Members of the Video Classroom get a discounted price for the Sweet Spot course... So the first step is to start your 1-week FREE trial in the Video Classroom!

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