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Your Results:

Your Results:

Is your horse a Happy Athlete?

Congratulations on having excellent communication with your happy partner!

You are really set up for success in so many ways.


No matter what discipline or style of riding you do, it will be important to help your horse carry the weight of the rider without creating undue stress and strain on his body. Imbalances longitudinally or laterally can cause uneven wear and tear on the joints.

The great news is that with your current foundational skills you will be able to influence his way of moving and his posture. The trick is to do it in a way that honors and strengthens the nice relationship you have. Creating healthy movement isn’t about creating a shape or putting your horse ‘on the bit’... It’s about creating a relaxed, energized, and balanced horse!

In Dressage Naturally, one of the basic principles is that the basics of dressage are FOR the horse. Moving in a more balanced and healthy way should feel good.

My Best Advice:
Playfully experiment with different energy levels, and with moving your horse’s haunches and shoulders. Check that you can create relaxation any time anywhere. What I call the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics is a certain combination of relaxation, energy, and balance where you and your horse will both think: ‘Oh, this feels good!’ The Sweet Spot will feel easy (full of ease). The more you experiment with curiosity, the more chance there is that you will find the Sweet Spot!


The BEST Dressage Naturally resource for you is the Video Classroom.
The Classroom has a wide range of videos that will show you examples of how to find the Sweet Spot Of Healthy Biomechanics in a way that will honor and strengthen your partnership. I think you will also love the book/video: Dressage Naturally… Results In Harmony. When you start your Free Trial in the Classroom, look for the opportunity to get the book/video set at a special reduced price for first-time Classroom members!

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