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Your Results:

Your Results:

Is your horse a Happy Athlete?

This is so exciting!

I’m so glad you are here. It looks like you and your horse are ready to make some improvements in your partnership, communication, and way of moving.


I am happy for you because you are looking for new ways of improving things. That kind of attitude is crucial. Good News: This is figure-outable and there are some simple things you can change that will yield big results. You may be frustrated because it feels like there is so much that needs to improve, but horses are so forgiving. Your horse will know you want things to be better for the both of you.

My Best Advice:
Your focus needs to be on the basics, and on a really deep level.

Look at every moment you spend with your horse because each of those moments is an opportunity to build happiness, harmony, and communication. It’s these precious moments that so many people overlook that can make ALL the difference. Start asking your horse: “How can I help you?” and be open to the answers that come.

It will be important for you to immerse yourself in a supportive community that honors the happiness of horses. Joining our Dressage Naturally Land Facebook Group is a great first-step with no cost.


The DN resource that would be best for you right now is the step-by-step Habits For Excellent Horsemanship course. It is exactly what you need, you have lifetime access to it, and includes live Q&A calls 4 times a year... on-going!

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