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Enjoy this video about the HAPPY ATHLETE
from Karen Rohlf and Dressage Naturally

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Achieving healthy, athletic movement requires a holistic solution that takes into account every aspect of your horse's experience.

You can get serious results without being so serious all the time ;-)

The video above may be light-hearted, but it illustrates a serious principle: The posture we are looking for comes from the inside out. Forcing a frame on an uninspired horse is as ridiculous as putting side reins on a scared chihuahua.

Make it your first goal to have a happy horse who feels open to your suggestions. Make sure he is glad to see you. Be trustworthy; a relaxed, stretched top line is a vulnerable posture for your horse. Eliminate the sources of defensive behaviors. Motivate and inspire your horse by being a brilliant communicator and rewarding him well.

Karen Rohlf

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Get access to ALL the videos for $12

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